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Enlite U

A creative medium to cultivate the employer employee relationship in a rational way to culminate the best culture across the organization.


Enlite U

A creative medium to cultivate the employer employee relationship in a rational way to culminate the best culture across the organization.


About Us

Employees are a company’s asset, and proper nurturing is required to develop their skills and work ability in any size organization. The first step in developing an effective strategy for increasing employee engagement is to learn about their expectations and motivational levels. Our team spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to deal with this on a global scale, which led to the development of a new employee engagement tool called Enlite U

Enlite U-About Us

Why Enlite U


E Cards

We understand how difficult it is to remember the birthdays and anniversaries of all your employees. Even if you have reminders, the thought of wishing them may slip your mind. Birthday and work-anniversary conventional E-Cards are the hassles of the past with Enlite U E-Card automated system.


Recognition is great, but it’s even better when top performers receive badges from peer to peer or management team for their outstanding work. Make a point-based badge system for your team, with badges Enlite U points that can be redeemed for awesome gift cards/vouchers.


With our Award feature, you can show your employees how much you value them. Our award system enables you to recognize employees by emphasizing their personal accomplishments, qualifications, and successes in order to motivate the rest of the team and individuals. Enlite U will have two types of awards (Spot Awards and Nomination Awards)


Employee satisfaction is the best resource any organization can have, and keeping employees happy and content with their roles in an organization is equally important. Using our certificate feature, management can immediately recognize and certify their employees to show appreciation for their efforts.

Goals Setting

Goals Setting

Create the foundation for a high-performing team by using our Goals and OKRs that are simple for everyone to understand. Setting, viewing, and updating goals is a breeze with Enlite – U’s employee engagement platform. As a result, from entry to exit, every employee can clearly see the meaningful impact of their work.



Surveys can be used to gauge employee engagement. With filtered reports, you can track trends and address strengths and weaknesses of the management as well as employee satisfactions.


Forum aims to develop and disseminate knowledge about communications, to engage peers to discuss their queries and to obtain answers from other talented individuals. The best thing is that it is very easy to use.


The polls feature on Enlite U allows you to engage with your co-workers by asking questions and receiving answers from them. You can post polls questions related to your employees to find out what they’re most interested in or if you’re torn on which product or service to launch next, or want to learn more about your employees pain points, ask them as a poll.

Idea Box

It is kind of a suggestion box for collecting ideas, in which the peers can empowered to submit their ideas or comments about something new or something can be improved. Idea Box lets you collect, manage and monitor all that you need to achieve your innovation process successfully.


Using Feedback in our employee engagement platform, you can improve communication, collaborative work, and innovation across your organization. Giving and receiving timely feedback makes it a part of daily life and enhances growth and connection.



Recognition is what your team craves more than anything else. Enlite U was designed with this in mind. Enlite U can be used in conjunction with or without points. Send and receive Rewards from anywhere, redeem rewards, and nourish an appreciation culture in the workplace. To appreciate the employees’ efforts, provide popular gift cards, merchandise or vouchers using Enlite U Reward system.


Your team can earn points every day by providing their excellent work, upholding the company’s core values, and focusing on the metrics that count.


Your team can easily redeem Enlite U points from any device with their earned points for excellent efforts.

Program Management

Program management workflow refers to the process of organizing tasks and activities on an individual or between teams into a productive sequence. Individual tasks that are completed successfully will be rewarded by the concerned managers.

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